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Concerning the Holy SPirit

The Holy Spirit (the Paraclete) Comforter, Counselor, and Advocate. The Holy Spirit enables the believer to live holy, set apart lives in this present world. After Jesus' ascension, The Promised Comforter in the form of the Holy Spirit, manifested Himself in the upper room on the day of Pentecost (50 days following His Resurrection) to abide within the believer. He leads, guides, and directs the believer and reveals the deep things of God to us. 

  • We believe in the indwelling presence  of the Holy Ghost for all Believers and that the Holy Ghost verifies and validates the Believer as part of the Body of Christ.

  • We believe in the spirit-filled life as desirable, valuable, and an issue of obedience for all believers who are commanded to be filled with the Holy Ghost. We acknowledge that within the body of Christ, the term, "filled with the Holy Ghost" is often used interchangeably with the term, "baptism of the Holy Ghost". When referring to the controlling presence and power of the Holy Ghost, as a result of the submissive will and desire of the believer, we allow such alternation of terms. We believe it is the will and command of God that every believer be "filled", "walk in" be "led by" and "live in" the power of the Holy Ghost.

  • The proclamation of both the eternal power of Calvary and the promised power of Pentecost; the baptizing power of Jesus Christ for salvation because of Calvary, and the filling/controlling power of the Holy Ghost for service and Holy, victorious living because of Pentecost.

  • We believe in the perpetual and continuing ecclesiastical value of all spiritual gifts for the edification of the body of Christ until the end of this Church Age, which will  be consummated by the return of our Lord Jesus Christ (the rapture). 

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